I’m Evie Jones and I am a parenting coach, specialising in neurodiverse conditions such as Autistic Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and many more. I also support families pre and post adoption.

I help the families who would otherwise have nowhere else to turn. Who feel like they cannot cope with another meltdown or call from school. Families whose children are falling through the cracks of an overstretched health service and don’t know where to turn.

I know what that feels like. We were one of those families.

A brief history

Along with my husband, Dave, I am the adoptive parent of two teenagers with multiple diagnoses and complex additional needs. And I’ll be totally honest…when we brought our toddler children home, we had absolutely no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

Our children have been now home for over 14 years. Every day I marvel at how far we have come, how they have grown, embraced their diagnoses, and what they can achieve. But, we struggled hard in the beginning. Even today we still face the daily challenges of post adoption and neurodiversity, just as you do. I know from often heartbreaking, experience how difficult, isolating and, sometimes, frightening parenting children like ours can be.

I was lucky. Unlike birth parents, I knew that there was a chance that my children would have challenges. Whilst it was clear that my son needed more support from the day he came home, my daughter was at primary school before we hit problems. And whilst they both have similar, multiple diagnoses, how that works in real life is different for each child.

As a result of my experiences early on with clinicians, social workers and school, I have spent the last 15 years learning about neurodiverse conditions, how they can present, and what help our children need to thrive. I worked, and continue to do so, with professionals in all fields to secure the best educational, psychological and medical support they need. Now in high school, both mainstream and a special education placement, they are flourishing.

Over these years I have fought hard to give my children the very best opportunities they can get. I know how difficult it is to find the support and information I desperately needed, and have seen first hand how traditional parenting advice often doesn’t work. I am now committed to ensuring that no other parent has to struggle in the same way.

Help is at hand

There is no magic wand. There is no cure for Autistic Spectrum Disorder, ADHD. Or, in fact, for any of the myriad of neurodiverse conditions our children (may) have. But, there are ways to help both you and them have more of the good days. And, fewer of the ones we really hope the neighbours don’t hear.

A a coach, I work as a team with parents and caregivers to identify what challenges they are facing. It is important that I identify a straightforward and easily implemented plan to help you manage behaviour from the very first session. We can then build on successes, reduce isolation for both you and your child, and, if necessary, begin to access any services you might need. I can also help you document your child’s behaviour within the framework of possible neurodiverse conditions. This will give you detailed evidence to present at your clinician meeting.

Every step of the way our goal is a calmer, more balanced family life. And a child who can, every day, function just a little better in a world which isn’t designed for them.

Next steps

Firstly, click on the link below and book a free first meeting with me. I’d love to chat with you about your family. Let’s see if we can work together make your family life better.

Then, check out my articles packed with information and tips I know you’ll find useful.

A team of educators, social workers and post adoption specialists support me in this work.